HISTORYof Warren Adhesives many years of business.


John S Warren, Sr. & John S Warren, Jr. start Southern Chemical Formulators on the back porch. Make a pail of glue for first customer, Murray Envelope, who we still sell to today.

1974 Lee Warren enters the company as a 1/3 partner and first full time employee.
1975 The company is incorporated and production is moved from the porch to the garage.
1976 Building in Prichard, AL is purchased as first stand alone site of Southern Chemical Formulators.
1979 Southern Chemical is moved to its current location and first employee outside of family is hired.
1981 First expansion.
1982 John S. Warren Sr. passes leaving John S. Warren, Jr. and Lee Warren each 50% of the company.
1983 Second expansion.
John S. Warren, Jr. leaves Scott Paper to work at Southern Chemical full time.
1986 First offices were built at current site.
1987 Southern Chemical begins manufacturing hot melt and there is a third planned expansion.
1995 Brad Warren (John S. Warren, Jr.’s son) is hired and today is the VP of Sales & Marketing and there is a fourth expansion.
1996 Major plant overhaul creating the production facility we have today.
1997 First co-extruded pillow created at Southern Chemical Formulators.
1999 Tank farm built to shield liquid polymers from the elements.
2000 Second warehouse is built.
2002 Matt Warren (Lee Warren’s son) is hired and today is the VP of Operations and there was a 2nd expansion of office space.
2004 Hot Melt belts 2 & 3 began producing.
2007 Southern Chemical Formulators changes its name  to Warren Adhesives to better reflect its role in the market place and David Warren is hired as a sales representative.
2008 Third warehouse is built.
2010 Second co-extrusion line is installed.
2014 Lot next door was purchased in preparation for another expansion.

    What Makes Us Successful  

Polymer Chemistry/R&D

 Strong Technical Background

State-of-the-Art Research &

 Complete product line for
   converting operations

 In-house design and  fabrication of process equipment

 Paper Converting Experience

 Innovative Business Approach

 Low Overhead

 Service Oriented

 State-of-the-Art Technology

 Value Pricing

 Quality by Ownership

1998 Product Mix  43.4%  Hotmelt •Packaging 94%         
•Product AssemblY 3%        
•Bookbinding 2%      
•PSA 1%    
2005 Product Mix  57% Hotmelt
•Packaging 5%
•Product AssemblY 9%       
•Bookbinding 1%     
•PSA 15%
2010 Product Mix 67.81%  Hotmelt
•Packaging 78%      
•Product AssemblY 6%      
•Labeling 10%     
•PSa 6%  
2013 Product Mix  66.59%  Hotmelt
• Packaging 62%
• Product Assembly 9%
• PSA / Labeling 29%  

1998 Product Mix  56.6% Liquid      
•Paper Converting Adhesives 28%       
•Dextrine Adhesives 13%         
•Woodworking Adhesives 11%         
•Packaging Adhesives 27%       
•Cleaners 4%        
•Paper Coatings 4%         
•PSA  Adhesives  11%        
•Solvent Adhesives 2%
2005 Product Mix 43% Liquid
•Paper Converting Adhesives 28%       
•Dextrine Adhesives 3%         
•Woodworking Adhesives 12%         
•Packaging Adhesives 31%       
•Cleaners 4%         
•Paper Coatings 4%         
•PSA  Adhesives 16%     
•Solvent Adhesives 2%

2010 Product Mix 32.19% Liquid
•Paper Converting Adhesives 7%       
•Dextrine Adhesives 1%         
•Woodworking Adhesives 11%         
•Packaging Adhesives 26%       
•Cleaners 1% 
•PSA  AdhesivES 2%     
•Solvent Adhesives 3% 

2013 Product Mix 33.41% Liquid                  
• Product Assembly 50%
• Packaging AdhesiveS 46%
• Dextrine  Adhesives 1%
• PSA Adhesives 2%
• Cleaners 3%         



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